God: A Question Of Evil (The God Conversation Series)

God: A Question Of Evil

This book is the first in a series I call The God Conversation Series and it is intended that these books will attempt to answer questions that are asked about God relating to life, family, money and in the case of this first book in the series Evil.The approach as suggested by the title of the series is to be done in the form of a conversation between two friends over a cup of coffee.This book and the books that follow are intended to be a straight forward approach to the “big” questions so often unanswered but it is not intended to be another theology book. The study of God (theology) is essential to the growth of any Christian but the reality is that the average Christian would not even know where to begin if a theology text book was set before them.I have searched and searched for books that would address this question adequately but have only found books that were effectively theology books that bored me to death while struggling to give me the answers I and my friends wanted. The other types of books were to be honest very disappointing as they never explained why God allowed suffering, pain and evil to continue.This book has been written for the new Christian, the searching non believer and for the Christian who knows God but has been unable to provide answers to questions from their friends, colleagues and family members that they feel confident and satisfied with.This book will address the question most asked my Christians and Non Christians alike:

“If God Is Such A Loving God Why Does He Allow Suffering Pain and Evil To Continue?”

This book will look at the following issues:

– What Is God’s Perspective On This Question
– The Attributes Of God
– The World’s View On The Question
– The Biblical View On The Question
– Coping With Evil God’s Way
– The Daily Survival Plan

This book finishes with a life plan to cope with the effects of evil in our lives and the lives of our friends and family. The daily survival plan gives you the tools to enable you to have control in your life and a peace that surpasses understanding while all around you is falling apart.

I hope that you will come with us on this journey to discover how to live a victorious life. For future books and more information go to www.thegodconversationseries.com

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